Cinco de Mayo is NOT the 5th Tablespoon of Mayonaise

“So Mr. Burns what is your dog’s name?” The old man kept fixing his coffee and said “Cinco”. “That’s a strange name for an Irish Setter. Why did you call him Cinco?” “Well,” came the reply “it was the 4th or 5th dog I’ve had”.

 Cinco De Mayo. A big deal to a lot of folks but ask most people and they could not tell you the difference between Cinco De Mayo and the 16th of September. I personally think it’s because it’s hotter in Mexico than here in the United States and since we have Memorial day and Labor day they wanted two holidays also. Only they spread theirs farther apart since their summers are much hotter. In celebration of Cinco De Mayo I have enclosed a video of my favorite Mexican singers. Its okay to say favorite even if she is the only right? Well let me know how you like it. By the way just in case you were wondering Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexico’s Independence day. That comes after our Labor day. Well  I hope you enjoy

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