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My Friend Alex

Posted in Social on May 19, 2009 by Johnny Gringo


My Friend Alex is a doctor. Not the open your mouth and say aah kind. But the open your mind so you can say aah kind. He’s got more degrees than a thermometer. A bachelors, 2 Masters and now a doctor. This guy is a amazing. By all rights he should have been a statistic. Born in Laredo Texas, product of a broken home, terrible student, angry young man.  Reminds me of that Elvis song “In the Ghetto”. ..he’ll grow up to be an angry young man some day…and his hunger burns..” Know what turned his life around? A book. Yeah one book. Hal Lindsey’s “Late Great Planet Earth”. Then an Air Force guy reached down and gave him a helping hand. This air force guy introduced him to another man named Jesus not the Hispanic name of Jesse but the What Would He do fame. If that black kid in Chicago had met Jesus Elvis would have had one less hit on his hands. This one event made my buddy an avid reader. Turned his grades around graduated from High School and packed up all his belongings from a life time of collecting put the all in a pillow case and moved to Austin. Became a student at the University of Texas met Earl Campbell got a Bachelors, then a Master. All the while he carried his Bible everywhere. The making of a movie right? It gets better he marries a Martha Stewart (pre Jail Martha) Then they have ! Kids ! Then like the Beverly Hillbillies they pack up and move to Dallas Texas to go to Seminary. Not just any seminary one  of the toughest in the Nation if not the World. Gets another Masters degree there. Now he is ready to go to work. He comes down to San Antonio and gets hired at a Bible college. Only one small problem. He has a wife 5 kids no house and they said “oh, yeah and we don’t have any money to pay you”. Does this stop the Laredo kid? Nope. He calls some buddies up says “hey I can help in this Bible college but they don’t have money will you support me?” He raised all the money he was going to need in a matter of weeks. Call Steven Spielberg because there is still lots to go. In addition to being a Professor he starts up a church in his spare time between teaching, the wife and did I mention he has 5 Kids? Lets see lets take an inventory Pupil, Parent, Partner, Professor, Pastor, President. President? Oh I did I mention he started a non profit organization to help people learn? Hispanic Bible Institute. 

Alex and Julie

 The Beatles said “…the love you take is equal to the love you make..” Alex loves Jesus, his wife and his 5 Daughters. This guy would put Barry White to shame he is a Love factory. How do I know? I’ve had the good fortune to know him and the greater honor to have been loved by him. My friend Alex and his life is why I chose to write this blog. Texas is Great because of her Hispanic culture. Alex is a one in a million guy but his story is repeating over and over again between the Rio Grande and the Red River. The moral of the story is “It doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is how you finish.
  (Hermano, no te digo vaya con Dios porque Dios ya vive en tu corazón eternamente)
 ¡feliz cumpleaños!