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My Friend Sonny

Posted in Social on May 31, 2009 by Johnny Gringo

ISonnyCommunityf you were to ask my friend Sonny to think outside the box his response would be “What Box?” To say that Sonny is creative would be like saying Donald Trump needs a haircut. Sonny developed his religion of creativity at the temple of Walt Disney. A quick study and faithful disciple Sonny soon excelled in all things art. While Disney’s passion was animation the gospel he preached was imagination. Imagination was Sonny’s salvation. Long before John Lennon wrote the lyrics to his signature song Imagine the seeds of creativity had taken root in Sonny’s mind inspired by imagination and fueled by a spirit of fun. Consequently this is what drives Sonny’s perpetual creativity machine:  Imagination, inspiration and fun. This trinity of Sonny’s creativity led him to become a disc jockey, actor, impressionist, artist, comedian, writer, serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker, website designer, master of ceremonies, story teller, community benefactor. But there is more to Sonny’s creativity then mere entertainment. While most artists use their pain as a motive to create Sonny depends on an entirely opposite, less used motivation tool. Joy. Sonny loves people. In everything he does he does to bring joy to people. I have known Sonny personally for over twenty years and I know he has used his SonnyCommunitychildrencreativity and celebrity to bring joy to the less fortune without any expectation of return. Except maybe for the joy he receives in giving.

 I was driving down IH 10 one day and saw Sonny standing on top of a billboard 100 feet in the air! He vowed to stay up there until a semi truck was filled with groceries for tornado victims in other state.  These core values that Sonny embraces did not come from Disney or a government sponsored program they were learned at home from his mom, dad, aunts and uncles who stood on the shoulders of the family members that came before them.

 This blog is dedicated to showing how the Hispanic culture has contributed to the greatness of Texas. Thousand upon thousands of obscure Hispanic families teach their children these values every single unsung day. SonnyKidsThrough the medium of  tradition flows the character of Texas. And it is the character from her people that makes her Great.

 Happy Birthday Sonny and thank you for contributing to the Legacy of the Greatness of Texas.

 Vaya con Dios mi amigo.